Sunday, May 29, 2011

Unidentified Flower #4

To simply walk by these tiny yellow flowers, you'd never imagine they'd have such an odd starfruit-looking countenance when you get down on their level.

Biagi's Frigidaire

Shelbyville, KY.

Dirty Ladybug

Spied this ladybug crawling on my bedside lamp. After I got the pictures back I was surprised to see it's covered into some kinda substance. Probably a very interesting story behind it, but one that may never be told.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Unidentified Flower #3

Surprised today to discover this lone patch of these tiny orange flowers in the middle of a field, and though I walked for miles in the general area, I saw no other examples of this specimen. Does anyone know what it is?

Whenever there's a bonus bug, everybody take a drink. Hey, there's one now!

Unidentified Flower #2

These little fellers are only about as big as your thumbnail. Reminds me of an angry Donald Duck yelling at someone.

Unidentified Flower #1

What are these? Help me out here, I'm not Georgia O'Keefe. They're about as big as a Hershey's Kiss.

Click to enlarge and scope out their crazy glistening fuzz.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Corner of Anemone and Dayflower

Love this house in Prospect, KY. Looks antique but it's actually brand-new. Click to enlarge and note there seems to be an automobile at the top of their weathervane!

Trimble Democrat Building

Bedford, KY.

Subterreanean Relics

Some early 20th century items I've recently unearthed in my own private archaeological expeditions and antique bottle-digging.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Logan Street, Louisville, KY.


The in-focus area just below center is about the size of the a dime. There's a bonus bug that can be made out around 6:35, and he must be about the size of a grain of salt; so tiny I didn't even see him when I took the photo.

St. Germain

Storm of Doom

Today's brief redux of the storm of doom was actually more ominous than last night's dreaded tornado warning.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Who doesn't love a slug?

He's sitting on the recently cut stump, by the way.

Uh.... Right.

Maybe for people who've never heard of Kopilot or Monkeydrive.

Consider the Cobblestones

In downtown Louisville, under every street, the original cobblestone streets are hidden between a layer of pavement. And beneath those cobblestones is soil that has not been seen by the eyes of man since the mid-1800s.

Anything that someone chose to hide under a cobblestone in the 19th century, or buried in the ground even before the cobblestone streets were laid, has been hidden very well indeed for a long, long time.

Just you think on that.




This critter watches over my garden.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Watch Your Step

Gator on the Dash


Fiber Batt

Something else I do in all this spare time I have (ha!) is manufacture fiber batts for you knittin' and crochetin' gals out there. The ol' JSH drum carder has been laying low this past year, but I'm about to get back in the Etsy game as your favorite eccentric hillbilly fluff purveyor this summer.

Wrought Iron Gates

Looking out from the inside at Bakery Square.

Freshly Cut Stump

(I didn't do it.)

Leave Your Firewood At Home!