Sunday, May 27, 2012




Happening today at Phoenix Hill. Astute JSH-stalkers may recall I DJ'd at one of these events a few years back, spinning rockabilly, surf and garage oldies.

Un Common Art Shop

Norton Commons, Prospect, KY.

Copper Cupcake

Like A Car Doctor, someone apparently didn't get the memo that of all the beautiful fonts out there in the world, the God-awful one they chose is world-renowned as the world's most hated font.

Norton Commons, Prospect, KY.

Tea Station Chinese Bistro

Norton Commons, Prospect, KY.


Two flies in the house in one week? I must be Lord of the Flies and didn't even notice.

I also didn't notice that the couch, which appears cream-colored to the naked eye, actually has pink and blue threads running all over it. Hunh.

Frame Tree

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Jouett Meekin House

New Albany, IN.

Silver Creek Lanes

The building is demolished, but fortunately the sign remains. But for how long, dear reader, how long?

Sellersburg, IN.

Sid's Pub and Ranch House

Sellersburg, IN.

You-A Carry-Out-A Chinese Food

Someone please explain this to me. On second thought, no, don't.

Sellersburg, IN.

Meter Plate

Friday, May 25, 2012

Diamond Matches

Undulating Fibers

Between being a cat owner and a fiber arts enthusiast - plus an antiques/junk/crap collector - my home and clothes are always a forensic nightmare. Dust and little fibers clinging everywhere.

It fascinates me how these tiny fibers will move and sway, even when in an environment with no air circulation. Sometimes you can even put a glass over something that has one of the fibers clinging to it, and it will still wiggle around, almost as if alive, almost as if swaying in the breeze - yet there's no breeze.

Last night, I watched as this cluster of fibers did an exotic bellydance, using my digital camera's display as a video microscope. There was no air moving in the room, and I held my breath, yet the fibers wriggled on, standing up on end and coiling around each other. It was a very creepy feeling, as the fibers gave the illusion of actual sentience in their movements.

I assume - but I really have no idea - that the motion of the fibers is caused by A) static electricity, B) uneven temperature in the air, and C) gravity/momentum as the fiber's own micro-weight shifts gently from where it's clinging. However, more paranoid minds than my own have tried to implicate tiny fibers into conspiracy theory.


Plucked from Pass-a-Grille, FL.

Stammheimer Hopfenschnupf

"What? You actually sniff it? Seriously?" Yes.

Winking Krampus

Undercrown Label

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Highway 150


I caught this guy trespassing on my arm. I took his mugshot before I escorted him off the premises.

Weird Rust

I'm intrigued by the odd design the corrosion on this door hinge has taken on. The other hinge doesn't do it for some reason.

Grass Jungle

I like setting the camera down in the grass and pushing the button, then seeing what I got. It never gets old. This is what the world looks like to a mouse.

Lion Face

Walnut Shell

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Baker Boy

In the process of destroying - er, I mean renovating - this block on Shelbyville Road, workers revealed a happy little face who hasn't seen the light of day in decades. Baker Boy, welcome to the 21st century.

Lee's Liquors

Formerly known, apparently, as Lee's Grill back in the day. New Albany, IN.

Penny and Blue Bug

Man, I loved Penny and Blue Bug's first album, but they kinda fell off after that.

Breakfast at FABD

Skateboarding Is Now A Crime

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Homicidal TV Set

Seen in a trash-truck alley in New Albany, IN.

Old Goodbub Photo

An old photograph of the Goodbub Building, on display in New Albany, IN.

More Goodbubness here and here.

Coca-Cola Ghost Sign

New Albany, IN.

Corner of Market and Pearl

New Albany, IN.

New Albany River View Coming Soon