Friday, May 25, 2012

Undulating Fibers

Between being a cat owner and a fiber arts enthusiast - plus an antiques/junk/crap collector - my home and clothes are always a forensic nightmare. Dust and little fibers clinging everywhere.

It fascinates me how these tiny fibers will move and sway, even when in an environment with no air circulation. Sometimes you can even put a glass over something that has one of the fibers clinging to it, and it will still wiggle around, almost as if alive, almost as if swaying in the breeze - yet there's no breeze.

Last night, I watched as this cluster of fibers did an exotic bellydance, using my digital camera's display as a video microscope. There was no air moving in the room, and I held my breath, yet the fibers wriggled on, standing up on end and coiling around each other. It was a very creepy feeling, as the fibers gave the illusion of actual sentience in their movements.

I assume - but I really have no idea - that the motion of the fibers is caused by A) static electricity, B) uneven temperature in the air, and C) gravity/momentum as the fiber's own micro-weight shifts gently from where it's clinging. However, more paranoid minds than my own have tried to implicate tiny fibers into conspiracy theory.

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