Okay, this isn't really an FAQ, but it should answer any questions you have. If it doesn't, I can always be reached at any time, by anyone on the planet, at jshpaint@gmail.com.

This is not my official art-photography site. That site, which was part of the now-defunct Superfrothco site, is currently offline and will remain offline for some time to come. It will return in time at another domain. This is simply a blog that collects random snapshots I take for fun, in my daily wanderings amongst the Philistines.

My main photography work consists of artistic nudes and urban-decay studies. Although I have occasionally shown my photo work in the USA - most notably at the Cinderblock Gallery on Louisville's Main Street and at the Stuckist/Remodernist Deatrick Gallery (also in Louisville) - I primarily exhibit overseas, in countries that are not so superstitious about the human body.

I don't have a current Artist's Statement for my photography, but this (slightly modified) old one, composed in 2003, pretty much remains an accurate statement of my philosophy on the subject:

My views on photography are often contradictory and even hypocritical.

For the most part, my work is documentarian. Things exist that I find interesting, and I take pictures of them. The bigger picture is gradually made clearer for those who take the time to examine what things I find interesting and why I am taking pictures of them.

Some of my works, however, tell stories within arranged settings with characters, roles, costumes, masks and props, in the tradition of the great Kentucky photographer Ralph Eugene Meatyard.

I take the same lowbrow approach to photography as I do with painting and music. I would rather take 10,000 photographs that please me than to struggle and slave over a handful of photographs intended to please someone else.

Don't scrutinize my pictures and muse about the focus, or the composition, or the contrast. These photographs are simply what they are, and they speak an inner language of a civilization that I am endeavoring, in my way, to bring to the barbarians.

I use any and all cameras at my disposal, though my camera of choice at the moment is an Olympus digital camera. Some see my use of digital cameras as odd, considering that I am known for my luddite philosophy. I don't feel like explaining it here, but will be happy to discuss it with you over a pint of lager at Seidenfaden's.

(Oh yeah, and a 'slushpile' is a journalism term for that ignoble bin of submitted materials that an editor has declined at the present time, but keeps on hand just in case someday some filler is needed.)