Friday, October 28, 2011

Angel's Envy

Went to the licka stow and stocked up on office essentials. Super-smooth and sweet, Angel's Envy is my new favorite bourbon of the moment.

City Girl Farm Coffee

Nothing But Banana, Flattened

At Trader Joe's. Amazingly amazing.

Trader Joe's

I've never seen this shopping center's parking lot so packed, not even during the holidays. And the store was like a zoo inside, with people standing in aisle-length lines to check out. I daresay it was worth it, though - this place rules. Once the furor dies down, I'll be back here to actually shop.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Building, Corner of Hurstbourne & Shelbyville

When I first moved to Louisville, seeing this building was rather like being hit in the face with a wet radioactive oven mitt. There's something about it, something I am just unable to articulate, that triggers in me an overwhelming feeling of deja vu or something like it. Even today, after years of driving by this place, the eerie sensation hasn't dulled, and looking at these photos still make me feel like the guy in Close Encounters of the Third Kind playing with his mashed potatoes.

Abandoned Jeans in Park

Somebody lose their pants?

Snowy-Looking Storm Clouds

At one point today, the temperature dropped really cold and the clouds got really ugly. I was sure a blizzard was imminent.

End of the Dodder Season

The creeping Dodder vines that I've been obsessing on all Summer have finally withered away, but are simply laying in wait, dormant, like an agent lost in its own cover story, until the sleepers wake again come Spring. These pictures were taken last week, just before the mass exodus.

More pictures of them here and here.

Eddie Merlot's

Action Loan

Downtown Louisville

The, uh, whatever-this-is building, I forget.

Love Boutique

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Seelbach Hotel at Night

Fourth Street Live

Downtown Louisville.

Borders Without Books

Fourth Street Live, Louisville, KY.

New KISS Lighter

Some people carry a rabbit's foot for good luck. Others, a four leaf clover, horseshoe, or a Mojo Bag. Me, I just keep a KISS lighter in every pocket and I stay awesome all day long.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Krampus in Mid-Yawn


Instructions For Adding A Dash Of Citrus To Your Beer

Gosh, thanks for these helpful step-by-step instructions for how to pour lemon-lime salt into a bottle of beer. When all else fails, read the manual.

Caipirinha at Havana Rumba

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gray and Orange Building

This used to be the old Electric BluePrint building in Butchertown. I love the new paint design they've given it - charcoal gray, burnt orange, and even burnt-er orange.